WriteAppReviews, and how you can play a key role in the development process

The app development process is an extremely complicated one. Whether you start from a foundation of nothing and a totally clean slate, or the app you use is built from a standard template that anyone can use, you’re still likely to need to do extremely comprehensive testing before your app can even approach a releasable state. This is where a service like WriteAppReviews can come in. Read on to find out more about WriteAppReviews, what app testers can gain from using the system, and why testing is such a vital part of the app development process.

What is app testing?

Before any application is released, the developer needs to complete some steps to ensure that their software is in the right condition to be released to the public. Whether this is in the form of an internal testing process to make sure the features work, completing Google or Apple’s data security checklists, or a small beta release to the public, testing needs to be thorough in order to ensure that your app doesn’t have any fundamental issues before release.

The process is especially important if the developer is a small and upcoming company. The initial launch of your app needs to see positive reviews, especially since your target audience has no past experience of anything you’ve made before. Your reviews are the first impression that you get to show off to potential users. If your app has fundamental problems then you need to find it in testing, or you might effectively sink the potential growth of your app before it even releases to the wider public.

How does WriteAppReviews fit in to the process?

WriteAppReviews essentially functions as an app testing database. Developers are able to work in tandem with the WriteAppReviews team to get a substantial userbase to test their apps, and WriteAppReviews can assemble a team of reviewers (potentially including you) to thoroughly look through the application for bugs and ongoing issues that the developer needs to resolve.

This is a symbiotic relationship that works perfectly for all parties. The developer is made aware of the fundamental issues within their application and can fix them before they get a much wider public release, ensuring that potential bad reviews are avoided when their app comes out. Reviewers get paid for their testing, with your web traffic being monetised so you make more money as you test more apps. Even the end-user benefits from the process, since they get to use a much more high-quality app after it’s been tested. Everyone benefits from using WriteAppReviews, and it significantly improves the entire app store ecosystem.

How does it work?

Getting started on WriteAppReviews is quick and easy. All you need to do is sign in to your WriteAppReviews account, select and download an app to review, and then spend some time testing it and noting down any issues that it might have. At the end of the process, you need to write a review of the app that you’ve been using, mentioning all of the positive features of the app and bringing up any bugs that you had issues with. This review gets monetised, and in the long run, you can increase your earnings by reviewing more and more apps. The quality of your reviews will also improve in this time as you grow more accustomed to the process.

Ultimately, making use of WriteAppReviews is a relatively easy way of making money, and by completing reviews as thoroughly as possible you can feel like you’ve done everything you can to improve the entire ecosystem of mobile apps. Becoming affiliated with WriteAppReviews is quick and easy, so give it a try today.


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