Why password managers are increasing in popularity

You may have heard all about a VPN and why they can be some of the most important things around to keep your data safe and secure, but many people will do this without properly protecting your passwords. These are still single points of vulnerability, and if your password gets cracked you could be in serious trouble. Read on to find out more about password managers, and how they can keep you safe and secure for years to come.

What are password managers?

Password managers are encrypted programs designed to keep all of your passwords safe and secure, whilst remembering them for future use to make signing in easier in the future. The majority of password managers are paid for services such as Dashlane, as these make some of the most effective password protectors around. However, there are some web browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge that offer their users a basic saving feature.

Saving your passwords

One of the key benefits of using a password manager is the fact that you can save your passwords. No matter how complex or simple your password is the manager will store it and use it whenever you try to log into the related account.

This means that you can keep all of your accounts secure by using a much more complicated password. You only need to enter it once, after which you can safely forget it, safe in the knowledge that your password manager has it saved for you. The only password you need to remember is the one for your password manager, as that will allow you to gain full access to your accounts.

Two-factor authentication

Of course, you might think that this simply makes it easier for a hacker to break into your systems. With only one password to break, if that password goes then surely all of your accounts are vulnerable?

Many password managers make use of two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA). This means that after logging in on your desktop or laptop you need to provide confirmation on your mobile device to complete logging into the password management app. Even better, this confirmation is often biometric, in the form of a fingerprint. Password management means that you put even more lines of defence between yourself and wrongdoers, guarding your accounts and data against all but the strongest attacks.

Secure storage

The way that your passwords are stored by the password manager is incredibly secure, so you don’t need to worry about that being a vulnerability either. Even in the case that a malicious party were to break into the server of the password management company itself, all of the passwords in any reputable password manager are kept encrypted. These are only decrypted for you using an encryption key that is specific to you.

Protection within a password manager is so secure that a hacker would have an easier time trying to brute force your password, but thanks to the memory of a password manager this can take over two hundred million years, assuming your complex passwords are only 14 characters long. Password managers are the perfect middle ground, helping you to easily access everything you need to whilst being an impenetrable wall for wrongdoers.

Do your research

Like with all pieces of software you put on your PC, you should take the utmost care when selecting a password manager. Choosing a password manager that isn’t reputable could mean handing over all of your passwords to criminals, exposing your entire digital self to them. By choosing one of the mainstream password manager brands you can keep all of your information safe without having to risk gifting your valuable data to illegitimate businesses.


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