What are the best affiliate apps on Shopify?

Shopify is an incredibly dynamic platform for online business owners, entrepreneurs and hobbyists alike. It has experienced huge success largely because it allows users to create a tailored online store using Shopify Apps.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the best affiliate apps that are available on the Shopify platform. These can help you boost your customer loyalty, create referral programs and organically grow your customer base from the ground up.

What is affiliate marketing?

Before we dive into the best affiliate apps on Shopify, it is important to understand what affiliate marketing is.

As more companies shift to an online environment, search engines like Google and Bing are becoming much more bloated in terms of search results. This has made it harder to be found online and made it more expensive to use Google Ads to promote your online store. Affiliate marketing looks to address this issue by circumventing search engines altogether.

Affiliate marketing makes use of bloggers, industry experts, existing customers and influencers to entice new customers to your platform. You create the team to send the traffic your way without having to pay for advertising.

This is a reciprocal relationship, however, and although you aren’t paying for advertisements, you will be expected to offer a commission for every sale that an affiliate is responsible for.

What are the best affiliate apps on Shopify?

Now that we understand affiliate marketing better, it’s time to look at the best affiliate apps that are available on Shopify. Below, we will take a look at a handful of the most popular affiliate apps, as well as their main benefits and disadvantages.


ReferralCandy costs $49 per month as well as a 5% commission fee for every sale or conversion made. There is a sliding scale for this commission, so you will have a smaller rate if you are doing well when using the app on Shopify.

Benefits: ReferralCandy lets you create totally customisable branding for emails and other marketing campaigns. You can also choose to offer cash, coupons or gift cards as a form of payment to referrers. ReferralCandy also makes it easy to track data with an intuitive dashboard.

Disadvantages: There are no stage-based referral incentives, so there is less of a push for referrers to send a lot of people to your platform. There are also cheaper alternatives on the market that achieves most of ReferralCandy’s functionality.


Growave is a powerful app that gives you a host of functionality out of the box – and there is a free plan available if you just want to try it out. You can create a refer-a-friend system where both parties are rewarded if they convert to your store. You can also pay referrers in a number of ways including cash, free products or even free shipping on products.

Benefits: A free plan is available as well as a low cost ($29/month) version with additional features. You have the power to create wishlists, review pages and much more.

Disadvantages: The free plan is only a trial that lasts 14 days and it is quite limited in functionality.

Social Snowball

Social Snowball uses automation to drive referrals to Shopify stores. By using your current pool of customers, Social Snowball converts them all into affiliates before motivating them to tell others about your platform. This works well alongside other marketing efforts, such as email marketing.

Benefits: It is a really intuitive app that is designed for ease of use. You can easily bring in external affiliates as well, and there are multiple payout methods that you can use.

Disadvantages: The main drawback is that Social Snowball will take 15% commission from all revenue if you use the basic version. So try to upgrade whenever possible, as it might end up saving you money.


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