How To Create The Perfect Voice Over Using Fiverr

Voice Over

Although voice over artists rarely appears on screen their contributions are just as important as those of the artists who appear on the screen.

They can be heard in films, cartoons, video games and television shows, where they usually provide narrations, speak behind radio/TV commercials, or render voices to animated characters.

Basically, voice over refers to a production technique that adds the voice of an individual to another media, which could be audio or video. The technique involves incorporating a voice that is not part of the narrative into the action.

Voice overs are usually recorded in studios separate from where the animation, filming or other production was performed. The voice over artist using a script provided by the producer narrates what’s happening on-screen, shares the essential message of an ad or provide additional information for the audience. Reading from the script provided, the voice over actor tactfully passes the information across, and the recorded voice is then added to the other elements during production.

Voice over is a powerful and effective means of conveying information that ordinarily wouldn’t have fit into the plot or the other visual elements that are occurring.

Voice Over Services On Fiverr

Voice over is one of the most lucrative services to offer as a freelancer on Fiverr. The voice over artist rate is higher than what other freelancers in some other freelance categories on the platform charge, and rarely do they charge peanuts for their services. Probably because of what it takes to provide voice over services, in terms of equipment and production logistics.

The services of a professional voice over artist is usually required from time to time by various businesses in most industries. Almost all businesses can benefit from the services of a professional voice over actor.

To put together an educational video, audiobooks, commercials or ads, podcasts, etc., the services of a voice over artist is usually needed.

As a buyer searching for a voice artist,  look for a seller with experience in your industry and is familiar with the type of media you’re working with, and check whether their voice matches your brand, amidst other factors. On Fiverr, you’ll find a good fit whatever your voice over need is.

How To Offer Voice Over Service On Fiverr

Freelancing is not easy, really. It’s true that you’re your own boss and call the shots, but you’re also responsible for calling yourself to order, and balancing this two is not always that easy.

On Fiverr, freelance categories such as writing, virtual assistance, logo design, etc, are popular and densely populated with many sellers. But, relatively, not much people know about voice over or that many voice over artists on Fiverr are raking in huge income from this category.

As a freelance voice over artist you can build a successful business right from a makeshift recording studio you built in your house.

With the popularity of podcasts increasing steadily, there is a great opportunity for freelancers from all walks of life to build and develop a career in voice over.

Frankly speaking, offering voice over as a service on Fiverr isn’t child’s play. A Voice Over is in itself a creative art and requires a daily dose of practice, focus and training. You’ll need to invest money, quality time and effort into this career. It involves setting up a recording studio, and at least an initial investment in quality recording equipment.

Here are some guidelines you need to follow to start up a new career as a voice over artist:

Equipment: What type and quality of equipment you’ll have to get for your recording studio depend on your budget. Basically, you need to make sure that you have these items; a computer with a reliable internet connection, a good microphone, headphones, and audio software such as Audacity or Twisted Wave to help you in recording, saving, and editing your work.

Training: Be open-minded and subject yourself to learning as much as you can from already established voice over artists.

If you can afford a session with a professional voice over artist or voice coach, go for it as you will benefit a whole lot from their input. A voice over coach will teach you the nitty-gritty of the business, such as how to break down a script, respond to a producer or writer’s directions for vocal adjustments and variations. And will also help to assess your voice, strengths and weaknesses, and determine the particular niche market you’ll perfectly fit in.

Make Arrangements For A Recording Space: The importance of having a separate space to do your work as a freelancer working from home cannot be over-emphasized.   

Voice over work particularly requires you to put more effort into preparing a home studio space that will produce high-quality recordings, with zero noise interference and distractions.

Locate your studio in a space that you feel comfortable in and will inspire you creatively as well as enable you to work undisturbed. Try as much as you can to create a recording studio that will help you record your best audio.

Be Your Own Boss: Working from home as a voice over artist means you’ll be providing both the talent and the direction. This is where the key tips you learnt from your voice over coach will come in handy, as you’ll likely be alone during recordings.

Be creative with each assignment, review your script, determine the target audience and the approach you’ll take to your role. Always keep in mind that your voice gives the narrative its shape and meaning.

Creating An Outstanding Demo Reel: Once you’ve set up your home, create a demo reel that showcases the full range of your talent. The aim is to have a reel that gives your potential clients an idea on what you can do. Remember, this is a strategic marketing tool that sells you out, and so give it your best.

Create A Gig: Now, head to the Fiverr voice over subcategory and create your new voice over Gig, and give it an irresistible description. Thankfully, it won’t cost you a dime to create your Gig and get the show on the road. Upload your demo reel to give your buyers a feel of what you’ve got on offer.

Succeeding is not optional, especially when you consider the time, effort and money you’ve invested into building your studio, putting your reel together and setting up your Gig on Fiverr. So set your mind on outshining every competition and catapult yourself to the top among top-rated voice artists on Fiverr.

You should also consider creating a website, build your business brand, and promote yourself across some relevant social media platforms.

In conclusion, voice over is and will always be a competitive field, where you can easily fizzle out of business if you don’t up your game. Make sure you have the passion before delving into the business. Be creative, regularly update yourself on the latest skills in the industry and watch as your voice over business soars higher and higher.

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