The best Bitcoin wallets for Australians

Australian Bitcoin Wallet

 Any active crypto trader or user, in general, would agree that having a good crypto wallet is essential. A crypto wallet enables you to receive, send, and store cryptocurrencies (Bitcoins in our case). 

 Think of crypto wallets as your bank account, only it is virtual and you need a combination of a private key and a public key to be able to transact or even access your cryptocurrencies. Just the same way you don’t open an account with just any bank, you need to be very careful when choosing your crypto wallets. You need a reliable, accessible, and safe wallet. 

 Beginners need to be especially careful when choosing the right crypto wallet because while a good wallet can make your crypto journey smooth, a bad one can ruin your experience and journey. 

Best Bitcoin wallets list

            Today, there are several wallets available Bitcoin wallets accessible to Australian users which can make finding the right one quite tasking. The following list is intended to make your work easier. It doesn’t cover all the available Bitcoin wallets in Australia, however, it covers the best performing and the most secure ones.


Coinbase is not only popular in Australia but throughout the world of cryptocurrencies. It is owned by a popular international crypto-exchange called Coinbase. It is easy to use thus easing your Bitcoin transactions and use. It even allows you to connect with your bank account to freely transfer money into and out of your wallet. Lastly, they value your security highly which is why they offer firm security.


This was the first-ever available Bitcoin hardware wallet. It is one of the best cold storage available options. It has a great security track record and is less vulnerable to hacks and attacks being that it is less high-tech.

It has a unique Semi twin factor for additional security, making it resistant to malware and protected from key-loggers.

#1 CoinJar

CoinJar is another popular Australian crypto wallet for the storage of Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum among others. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. Not only can you manage multiple currencies but also you get to customize your accounts. Getting started with this wallet is a breeze, it only takes a few minutes. The users’ security is also a top priority hence the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) feature for an additional layer of security.


This is yet another great online wallet, however, it only enables storage but not buying and selling. Therefore, your Bitcoin storage will be separate from the marketplace. It has proven to be more secure than most other online wallets.

#3 Electrum

This is a desktop wallet, which essentially means that it sits on your computer desktop. Desktop wallets are generally more secured and less hackable as compared to mobile wallets.

 Not only does it support hardware wallets such as Ledger Nano S and Trezor but it is also a lightweight Bitcoin wallet for Linux, Mac, and Windows. It is a very secure wallet that is recommendable for both beginners and expert users.  

#4 Ledger Nano S

This is a famous hardware wallet whereby your wallet is stored in a separate physical device that you have to connect to an electrical device before you can access your Bitcoins. This wallet is strongly recommended because it is reliable and it keeps your private keys away from susceptible internet-connected devices.

Ledger Nano S supports several cryptocurrencies and has several security features in place such as allowing you to create your special passphrase.

User freedom is also a top priority, making the wallet much more appealing.

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