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Slingly Overview

The internet has revolutionized how things are done in many aspects of our day to day life. One of such areas where the cyberspace is the new world is in commerce often referred to as e-commerce.

E-commerce is all about buying and selling goods or services using the internet. It’s often used to refer to the sale of physical products online, but it also describes any kind of commercial transaction that is carried out through the internet.

E-commerce makes it easy to market, sell or purchase products through online retailers and marketplaces. Many are already benefiting heavily from this opportunity; from small businesses to large corporations and down to independent freelancers. E-commerce enables all to sell their goods and services at a scale that traditional offline retail can never match.

Nevertheless, newbies in the e-commerce field may find it confusing and at a loss of where they have to start. Slingly is designed to be of help to you in breaking even in the trending world of e-commerce.  It will literally hold your hands and walk you through the process by helping you automate all the tasks related to your online stores.

What is Slingly?

Slingly has earned its reputation for being a monster automation platform which allows you to automatically establish your own e-commerce stores with a few simple steps within record time.

To be more specific, this application offers a wide variety of features for you to start up your online store, manage and track sales, record and analyze the advertising information and customers’ data.

Slingly is an advanced e-commerce automation platform which offers you many functions that will enable you to automate your business and bring you the best results.

Its previous version known as  Commercify 1.0 was further improved on its functionality and versatility, to develop this powerful Slingly version. Subscribers can now sell and promote any product or service of their choice online.

Slingly was founded and developed by Ricky Mataka, a serial entrepreneur, with more than 20 years experience in Ninja Coding, and a 7-Figure earner. He is known for his software platforms and applications that are being used by top agencies around the globe. Among his previous products are big brands such as Brand Builders Academy, Shoplicate, Video Traffic Siphon and many more.

Ricky is a masterful expert in e-commerce business and a world-class product vendor with vast experience and of high reputation in the marketing industry. All these experience he had brought to bear in developing the features of Slingly.

Slingly Features:

Done-for-you Print on-demand:

You can print virtually anything you want. You will be provided with POD designs & products that actually sell, and this will spare you hours of wasted work and hundreds of dollars on designs that will never make a sale.

List of products sources:

Slingy helps you establish your own online store by providing you with almost every product line which can be found in any niche, in order to help you choose what you find most suitable for you. Some physical and virtual products that you can choose from Slingy’s library are softwares, books, T-shirts, jewelries, mugs etc.

Major Platform Intergrations:

Your store will be integrated with major platforms such as Amazon, Groovecart, Etsy and Shopify.

Automatic e-commerce processes:

Slingly is big on automation and helps you automate your business processes in order to free up precious time to get other things done. For instance, to aid your promotional campaigns, Slingy offers you a high converting Facebook ads images which are prepared and ready to use. There is also a built-in catalog of best seller products, all you need to do is to click and they will be uploaded to your store.

Detailed guide:

Slingy gives you a thorough step-by-step instructions on how to establish your own e-Commerce store.

E-commerce Training:  

Massive library of training for you on how to use Slingly. Whether you’re a total beginner to e-com or a veteran seller, Slingly offers training to help you sharpen your skills and take your business to a higher level.

The software is cloud-based, and so your files are safe and secured.

Slingly is accessible on any device such as tablet, laptop or smart phone.

Facebook E-commerce Support Group:

Slingly has a support group in which customers can interact, share ideas and support each other based on their personal experiences.

Anyone can use the software as it is very simple and easy to operate. You don’t need any previous experience neither do you have to be tech-savvy at all to use Slingly, Ricky made sure of that by doing all the work.

What’s more, Slingly is available to customers from all around the world. No restrictions.

How Much Does Slingly Cost?

Slingly costs $99 per month, however, in order to make it affordable for everyone who wants to use it to launch and grow their own e-commerce store, Ricky offers you the option of making a one-time payment of $297 and you will be given unlimited access to everything it offers.

You can purchase this product via Visa card, Master card or Paypal.

What is Slingly PRO?

Ordinarily, it costs a hand and afoot to set up and run a successful e-commerce shop, and to integrate it to various sales platforms such as Shopify, Woo Commerce & Funnels.

Slingly PRO brings you all the solutions you need to easily set up a successful e-commerce store, at a very tiny fraction of what it would normally cost to do so.

With Slingly Pro you can easily create professional-looking product lines in a couple of minutes, and speedily load your products to multiple platforms with its 1 click capabilities.

Slingly PRO is an amazing all-done-for-you platform you can take advantage of to smoothly set up and run your online business. It’s an upgraded version of the Slingly software launched in April 2020, with more sophisticated features and privilege.

Now that’s not all, the platform helps integrate your store to Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, Groove Kart and an upcoming Gear Bubble Pro.

In addition,  you’ll be given regular guidance and boot camp training to ensure your business remains flourishing at the top.

Slingly is tested, proven and trusted. Version 1 & 2 made many of the subscribers extremely successful in their business and created raving fans that use the platform religiously.

At present the platform has over 18,000 high-quality designs that cut across 32 professional product types, giving you a rare opportunity to succeed in your e-business.

Slingly Pro Features:

  • Thousands of professional POD (Print on demand) designs already done for you
  • Create your own custom merchandise across 32+ products
  • Access to all future upgrades
  • Access to its e-commerce research portal
  • Full access to Slingly Academy/Boot Camp Trainings
  • Unlimited access to its Complimentary Advisors
  • Access to Slingly Facebook community for learning and business motivation.
  • Access to 7 Figure traffic training

What’s Inside Slingly Pro Pack?

For a one-time payment of $297 you’ll get the Slingly Pro package, with the following offers;

  • Thousands of POD designs for shirts, pillows, bags, tank tops, hoodies, leggings, etc.
  • Done-For-You physical products catalogues
  • 1-Click product sourcing from Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress
  • ​Automated e-commerce
  • Store setting with a Shopify theme and auto-generated mockups
  • Multi-Store Manager with pre-arranged spreadsheets
  • High-converting, Facebook-approved ad images for your campaigns
  • Access to a $200K Targeting Library
  • Instant integration with Shopify
  • ClickFunnels with auto-fulfill details

Slingly will help you streamline your online business with its unique, state-of-the-art e-commerce automation platform.

You can set up your dream online store, stock it full with products, automatically fulfill orders without any stress, take your store to 6 figures with knowledge from advanced e-com training, and join the enviable league of  6-figures and 7-figures store owners.

Customer Support

There is a large community of Slingly customers on their Facebook™ Group. Here you’ll be able to connect with like-minded e-com store owners and entrepreneurs, ask questions, and learn from 6 and 7-figure e-com experts.

Moreover, the company has a world-class support team working round the clock to make sure you get the most out of Slingly.

You can contact the support team by simply emailing You can also start by asking any question you have in their Facebook™ Group to see if you can get your question answered there.

Slingly Pricing

You can grab Slingly PRO with the early bird discount price in the following options:

  • Front-end: Slingly PRO

There are two payment options for this;  payment of $497 per year or three payments of $197 per year.

  • Upgrade: Design Club

Monthly payment of $27 or $147 for a full year.

This is a Limited Time 50% Off On Monthly Pricing For Slingly Pro.


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