How VPNs can connect you from anywhere in the world

From protecting your privacy to providing access to region-locked content, VPNs provide plenty of excellent services for solo users. But with the internet connecting people across the globe, you might have your own community of international online friends you’d like to connect with. Wherever you are in the world, and wherever they happen to be, using VPNs can be an excellent way to connect with others and enable equal access. Here are just a few of the ways VPNs can help connect you with friends and family across the globe:

Localised watch-alongs

One of the most significant benefits of VPNs in combination with platforms like Skype or Discord is the option for watch-alongs. Localised VPNs allow everyone in your group to access the same content simultaneously, allowing for enjoyable viewing together, however far apart you happen to be. With movie releases and streaming services often region locked to specific destinations, using a VPN means everyone can access the same services to enjoy a movie together or binge-watch a series.

Whether a brand-new movie is hitting online streaming in a particular country or a brand-new series has been created in a specific region, a VPN ensures no one is waiting around to get involved in their favourite shows or franchises. With a VPN set to the correct location, no one is left out of that next big blockbuster or upcoming hyped release.

Access to geolocked content and gaming

One of the best things you can do online with your friends is enjoy a game or two. While, these days, fewer and fewer games are geo-locked based on your current location, some may still require you to use a VPN to access the same servers as your friends overseas. Activating a VPN can ensure you can all get into the same server at the same time, with no one left out due to their specific location at the time.

Equally, sharing content and videos is common in most group chats. To avoid missing out on content locked by location or banned in your specific country, you can use a VPN to check out what everyone else is talking about. Using a VPN allows you access to exactly what everyone else in your group is enjoying, with none of the problematic restrictions or complications of region locking leaving you out of the joke.

Access the same streaming content year-round

While stream-alongs are a key reason to get a VPN up and running, keeping up with the latest shows and content on your own is far more accessible with the right technology to help you. Whether your friend is recommending a specific series or everyone is talking about how incredible the latest episode of a US show is, a VPN gives you the freedom to stay in the loop.

This is especially true if you happen to have friends on the other side of the planet. With VPNs, you can access a range of US, Canadian and UK streaming services effortlessly, as well as Asian content and more that might not be available in your specific location. Watching the same thing as everyone else is a great way to feel connected and using a VPN can make those connections even stronger.

Are you looking for the ideal VPN to share with friends? Check out our online reviews for the best options for watching, gaming and more. With plenty of different VPNs covered across the market, we can help you find the ideal choice for your individual needs.


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