A Review and Comprehensive Guide to Using Funnels & Templates

funnels and templates review

Funnels & Templates Overview

It is not easy to start a business, and to run and maintain a successful business is definitely not a child’s play. In this present age, running a lucrative business entails certain skills and expertise in coding, designing, marketing and management, to name just a few. Now here are your options, you may choose to be doling out cash upon cash for others to do it for you and stand the risk of drowning your upcoming business with overhead costs, or take on everything on yourself and get bogged down with the workload and stress. Better still, you can take the easy way out, ease every load off your shoulders and opt for Funnels & Templates toolkits. Affordable and comprehensive ClickFunnels templates and designs specifically designed to really spare you the stress of all those technical stuff and have you wave goodbye to your days of hiring coders, web designers, and marketing agencies.

Funnels & Templates is basically the only tool you need to successfully run your business on the internet. It’s the perfect tool that entrepreneurs, digital marketers and business owners need to design, market, sell and deliver their products online.

What is Funnels & Templates

Funnels & Templates is a curated library of ClickFunnels templates, design assets and marketing tools designed by the world’s best funnel designers and digital marketers.

Funnels & Templates makes it possible and easy for local businesses to effectively market and sell their products online. It allows you to customize your designs with its drag and drop builder, fully automates your sales process, and gives you better control over your business.

Funnels & Templates offers you a massive library of ClickFunnels templates together with customisable marketing tools, templates and worksheets.

The founder of Funnels & Templates, Brent Turner, is ClickFunnels funnel designer to some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, marketers and niche eCommerce businesses.

click funnels templates
click funnels templates

He came up with Funnels & Templates to help some of his clients who were dissatisfied with the lack of quality on the official ClickFunnels marketplace and the difficulty in finding templates that are easy to use, increase sales and are attractively designed.

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is software that allows anyone to swiftly build high converting websites, operate their business smoothly and conduct hitch-free business meetings and efficiently execute their marketing strategies.

A sales funnel is a strategic sequence that introduces your audience to what you are selling, and then goes on to lead them into making a purchase. It’s like virtually having your best salesperson lead a potential customer by the hand, from the entrance door, through your displayed goods and to the counter where they part with some cash.

The funnels serve as a guide to your visitors through your sales process, direct them to the exact product or service they need, encourage them to make purchases and even reach out to them after they have left your page.

The templates and assets delivered by Funnels & Templates are of the highest quality and are designed to take the pain out of your product creation, design and sales funnel development.

Funnels & Templates is indeed the best ClickFunnels marketplace for templates and graphics.

Each template and design asset is hand-crafted by veteran funnel designers.

Here are some quality advantages that Funnels & Templates delivers to you;

  • Best ClickFunnels templates: All the templates are hand-crafted for both conversions and brand aesthetics.
  • Affordable pricing: The templates are affordable and you won’t need to break a bank to get your online business swelling your bank account.
  • Unlimited access: With the membership plan you get unlimited access to all the templates.
  • Customised for marketers: Each of Funnels & Templates ClickFunnels template is targeted to strategically increase sales and profits.
  • Easy online ordering: You can order your template or assets online, and start using it immediately.
  • Mouth-watering designs: The ClickFunnels and templates are tastefully designed and pleasing to the eyes.

Who needs Funnels & Templates

All entrepreneurs and any business that sells or promotes a product or service. E-commerce, coaching, freelance, affiliate marketing, consulting, information products, network marketing, supplements, B2B lead generation, blogging and local small businesses will find Funnels & Templates a gold mine, totally created for their optimum growth and success.

Funnels & Templates Products

These are customizable business building design assets and ClickFunnels templates that will facilitate the free flow and ease of operations for your business and boost your marketing campaign.

Funnels and Templates is a curated library of marketing tools, design assets and ClickFunnels templates.

There are nine ClickFunnels templates that offer you the following;

  • Templates to run super profitable campaigns in any niche.
  • Generic, but beautiful designs with which you can run incredibly profitable promotions and events in any niche.
  • Time-tested powerful funnels are proven by the marketing giants to generate insane conversions, to up-level your business with.
  • Complete with a squeeze page, order bumps, irresistible upsells, downsells and more.
  • Amazing features to help you sell your products like crazy
  • Mobile-optimised funnels that will look amazing and convert like crazy across all devices.
  • Direct response driven funnels that uses a modern, copy-first direct response design.
  • Matching upsell pages to help squeeze even more profits from your funnel.
  • Matching downsell pages to help squeeze even more profits from your funnel.
  • A unique pop-up that saves upsell and downsell sales.
  • Upsell customers directly in the order form with built-in order bumps.
  • Urgency elements like timers and offer bars to drive more sales.
  • A modern design that builds trust, authority and credibility.
  • Versatile designs that are suitable for any niche imaginable.

Each of these toolkits comes with a handy setup instruction guide to make the setup as easy for you as possible.

9 Powerful ClickFunnels Templates


Vendor is a complete 6-step funnel that has been proven, time and time again by marketing mega-stars to convert like crazy.

A classic direct response sales page style funnel, modernized and infused with conversion-boosting features like beautiful order bumps, irresistible upsells and downsells, and more, to extract as much profit from your campaigns as possible.

It’s the perfect funnel to sell digital products, online courses, software, services, certifications, high-end products, video training and events.

Price: $297

vendor click funnels template
vendor click funnels template

Flash Sale

Flash Sale is a fully-featured ClickFunnels template that puts your sales and promotions on steroids.

With all the features you expect from a flash sale including built-in urgency, scarcity, timers, upsells, downsells, order bumps and more, you’ll have your customers snapping up your special offers in no time.

Simply present your offer, add your copy, setup your timers and watch this funnel work it’s magic.

This ClickFunnels template also has an on-page order form and by-passes the checkout page step entirely.

You can use this powerful ClickFunnels template for email campaigns, holiday specials, weekend sales, JV Launches, Instagram Story Sales, Facebook ad sales campaigns, etc.

Price: $297

One Page Funnel

This is a stunning funnel that combines both a sales page and an order form in one single step. It enables customers order directly from your sales page and skip the checkout page entirely, and thus reduces friction & boosts sales.

Present your amazing offer and collect payment all from the one funnel step!

This is the perfect funnel you need to generate a quick injection of cash into your business by running urgency-driven flash sales.

Features include;

On-Page Order Form: Customers buy directly from the sales page and skip the checkout.

One-Click Upsells: Matching upsell pages to squeeze even more profits from your funnel.

One-Click Downsells: Matching downsell pages to squeeze even more profits from your funnel.

Upsell Savers: A unique pop-up that saves upsell and downsell sales.

Built-In Order Bumps: Upsell customers directly in the order form with order bumps.

Built-In Urgency: Urgency elements like timers and offer bars to drive more sales.

World-Class Design: A modern design that builds trust, authority and credibility.

Versatility: The versatile design means it can be used for any niche imaginable.

Price: $297


A checkout page, upsell page and confirmation page inspired by Shopify, made for CF.

Shopified is a series of ClickFunnels checkout pages you can bolt onto any of your funnels to see immediate increases in cart conversions and average order values.

Funnels and Templates has taken one of the world’s most heavily tested and recognised checkout pages and added even more profit-power to it.

You can add the checkout pages to any ClickFunnels template in these 4 easy steps:

Price: $97


This is the ultimate ClickFunnels template for selling online courses.

Featuring a modern, direct-response based design with an order form built right into the popup, this funnel is perfect for any niche imaginable so you don’t have to mess around with complicated design software.

Price: $297

One Dollar Funnel

This is the ultimate ClickFunnels template for micro tripwires. Sell epic $1 products on the front-end to make huge profits on the backend.

The idea is to sell a high value product for just $1. This could be a video lesson, an eBook, a series of videos, worksheets or any other digital product.

To make the order the customer clicks the CTA button which triggers a popup form containing your order form along with an AOV-boosting order bump.

Once you have captured your customers’ payment details you can then present them with upsell and downsell offers using the built-in pages to make huge profits on the back end.

Price: $297

Auto Webinar

The ultimate ClickFunnels template for running auto webinars. Selling with webinars is easy with this funnel template.

Quickly and easily launch evergreen webinars in any niche with this incredible webinar template.

Just load up your recorded webinar, add your copy, setup your products and hit play to watch your auto webinar funnel get to work.

Features include;

  • Mobile Optimised
  • Your funnels will look amazing and convert like crazy across all devices.
  • Academic Grade
  • The funnel looks and feels like a high-quality academic class.
  • Epic Broadcast Room: A broadcast room free of distractions with an amazing offer at the end.
  • Timed Call to Actions: You can setup the timer to display call to action buttons after the webinar
  • Amazing Offer Page: After the webinar you can send attendees to your offer sales page.
  •  Replay Room: Drive even more sales with a macthing webinar replay room.
  • Capacity Warnings: Discourage drop-outs with ‘webinar at capacity’ warnings.
  • World-Class Design: A modern design that builds trust, authority and credibility.
  • Suitable for any niche: The versatile design means it can be used for any niche imaginable.

This funnel works insanely well for selling offers with webinars

Price: $297


The perfect funnel for those offering service-based businesses.

Generate leads and sell your services like crazy with this beautiful funnel made for service-based businesses, with Photoshop files included.

Agenci is the perfect funnel template for agencies, freelancers, coaches, influencers and consultants.

Features include mobile optimised, pop-up lead form, one-click upsells, one-click downsells, project briefs, built-in order bumps, built-in urgency, world-class design, etc.

Here is how your customer’s journey will look:

Price: $297

Live Webinar

The ultimate ClickFunnels template for running live webinars. Selling with webinars is easy with this funnel template.

 Quickly and easily launch live webinars in any niche with this incredible webinar template

It has amazing features to help you sell your products like crazy. These include;

  • Mobile Optimised: Your funnels will look amazing on  all devices.
  • Academic Grade: The funnel looks and feels like a high-quality academic class.
  • Epic Broadcast Room: A broadcast room free of distractions with an amazing offer at the end.
  • Timed Call to Actions: You can setup the timer to display call to action buttons after the webinar
  • Amazing Offer Page: After the webinar you can send attendees to your offer sales page.
  • Webinar Replay Room: Drive even more sales with a macthing webinar replay room.
  • Capacity Warnings: Discourage drop-outs with ‘webinar at capacity’ warnings.

Price: $297

16 Design Assets & Graphic Packs

The Ultimate Facebook Ads Creator

Easily create amazing Facebook ads with these customisable Facebook ad mockup templates for Photoshop. These mockups mimic a live Facebook ad in Photoshop so you can get your ads absolutely perfect before going live.

Just open up Photoshop, edit the ad copy and design your ad image in one place without jumping between a handful of different apps and websites. Once you’re completely happy with your ad, simply the save the image and copy+paste your copy into the Facebook ad editor and go live.

These templates are designed to look identical to live Facebook ads giving you a crystal clear view on how your ad will appear to your audience when it goes live.

Everything is customisable from the ad image itself to the ad copy and all the meta data too.

When you buy the Ultimate Facebook Ad Creator you’ll receive templates for each Facebook ad type in both desktop and mobile views, making it super easy for you to create winning, high-grossing Facebook ads in no time across all devices.

Key features:

  • 8 Facebook ad mockup templates of all ad types and devices.
  • ​Single image/post ads, multi image post ads, link ads and carousel ads included.
  • ​Desktop and mobile templates included.
  • ​All templates are in .PSD format and you will need Photoshop to edit them.

Price: $47

The Ultimate Online Course Builder

A complete package with over 60 customisable worksheets you can mix and match to speedily create beautiful online courses and build your online course modules faster. It comes in Canva, PSD and Indesign format.

This is a huge toolkit of generic worksheet templates, trackers and exercises you can rebrand, customise, mix and match and send as worksheets to your customers to accompany your online courses.

Simply pick and choose the worksheets you want to include in your online course, customise them with your content, save them and send them to your customers.

The worksheets are incredibly easy for anyone to customise and they’re provided in Photoshop, InDesign and Canva formats.

The list of worksheets inside include; 30-Day Habit Tracker, 90-Day Goals, 90-Day Habit Tracker, Assessment, Avatar Card, Big Three Goals, Checklist (1 Col, 2 Col, 3 Col)​, Competitor Tracker, Daily Planner, Evaluation, and much more.

Price: $67

The Ultimate Instagram Feed Planner

Design and curate the perfect Instagram account with this 48-post Instagram feed mockup template.

Load up each post thumbnail with your own content to design a beautiful look for any Instagram feed.

In the Ultimate Instagram Feed Planner you’ll receive editable Photoshop templates you can edit to make the feed look however you want it to. Customise your profile picture, bio, website, buttons and of course your posts to get an accurate impression of your Instagram feed.

There are two Photoshop templates inside. One for a quick mobile view of your feed, and a larger 48-post feed you can use to curate a month’s worth of Instagram post content.

Also included is a 48-post planner worksheet you can print out and scribble on to generate ideas for your Instagram content.

Key features:

Two Photoshop templates that mimmick a live Instagram feed allowing you to customise the look of your feed and plan our your content well in advance.

A simple mobile view of your feed and a long 48-post view of your feed to build out a month’s worth of content.

A super handy worksheet you can use to jot down ideas for Instagram post content.

Simply replace the post thumbnails with your own images to design your perfect Instagram feed.

Price: $37

The Ultimate Branding Toolkit

Create a beautiful, seamless brand that not only looks amazing but has incredible “soul” with the Ultimate Branding Toolkit.

The Ultimate Branding Toolkit is a comprehensive toolkit of all the frameworks, templates and worksheets you need to establish a beautiful brand your customers and clients will never forget.

Not only will you develop the aesthetic look and feel of your brand using the style guide template but you’ll also deep dive into the nitty gritty with the Brand Vision board framework that will help you get clear on your priorities, values and what your business stands for.

You’ll also receive a copy of the Brand Tools list, inside of which you’ll find amazing hidden gems that will set you light years apart from your competitors.

You’ll also receive a wireframe template that you can use to build a highly branded and high-converting homepage or funnel; a brand vision board you can fill out, print out and pin to your wall to get daily internalisation of your brand; a brand style guide template you can use to establish your brand’s look and feel and keep it seamless and consistent; and a website wireframe template you can customise and send to your web designer to keep your online brand on point.

Key features:

Includes tons of brand-building exercises, frameworks and templates to help you get clear on your branding.

​You’ll get a fill-in-the-blanks stylesheet Photoshop template you can customise and hand-off to anyone who’s responsible for delivering anything branded for your business.

​A brand vision board framework you can use to really drill-down into the soul of your business that you can print and hang on your wall for daily clarity.

​A homepage wireframe template you can use to sketch out ideas for your brand’s homepage or funnel.

​An incredibly handy list of secret hidden gems you can use develop your brand.

​A checklist of all the creative material you can put your brand on.

​Packed with instructional PDFs and manuals to lead you along the way.

Price: $37

eCommerce Profit Boosters

An effective collection of profit-boosting graphics you can customise or immediately insert into your product pages to bump up conversions, sales and profit. Build scarcity, grow urgency and command trust with these amazing eCommerce profit boosting graphics.

When it comes to selling online sometimes customers need that little extra push to close the sale.

Simply place these graphics around your call to actions to enjoy a nice lift in conversions.

Key features:

  • Dozens of sales-inducing ecommerce profit boosters with more being added all the time.
  • ​Scarcity building low-stock meters
  • ​Generate trust with rating and review graphics
  • ​Build social proof with best-seller graphics
  • ​Build value with free shipping graphics
  • ​Instil confidence and trust with guarantee graphics
  • ​Create urgency with limited time discount graphics
  • ​Includes customisable Photoshop (PSD) files so you can easily edit the graphics with your own copy and brand.
  • ​Comes in .PNG format too so you can plug the graphics straight into your ecommerce pages.

Price: $37

The Big Copy Doodles Pack

An amazing set of hundreds of copy doodles you can download and start inserting into your copywriting and direct response sales pieces to start seeing immediate lifts in conversions.

Sprinkle these hand-drawn copy doodles into your copywriting and landing pages to see massive lifts in conversions. Included in this pack are: arrows, circles, bullets, underlines and squares.

Not only can these be used in your landing pages and websites, but they’re great for offline promotional use in brochures and flyers.

Key features:

  • Hundreds of conversion-boosting copy doodles broken up into 5 main categories.
  • ​Includes PSD files with infinitely scalable vector graphics of each copy doodle so you can easily customise the size and colour of each doodle.
  • ​Comes also in transparent .PNG graphics you can use to instantly place in your landing pages and other promotional materials.

Price: $47

The Ultimate Button Pack

Skyrocket your sales to the moon with this huge pack of click-inducing call to action buttons.

Introducing the biggest collection of direct response buttons.

The pack includes buttons of various shapes, sizes, colours and design effects ensuring you’ll always have the perfect button on-hand for your next campaign.

You can easily customise this incredible pack of call to action buttons or use them straight out of the box to get visitors excited to buy your products and services.

Price: $27

The Ultimate Instagram Ad Creator

This will save you time, and help you quickly and easily write and design stunning Instagram ads in once place.

The Ultimate Instagram Ad Creator is a series of customisable Photoshop templates that copies the exact look of Instagram ads, making it easy and fast to create Instagram ads.

When you buy the Ultimate Instagram Ad Creator you’ll receive templates for each ad type; mockup templates that look exactly like live Instagram ads. Thus making it super easy for you to create winning, high-grossing ads in no time.

Everything in these templates is customisable from the ad image itself to the ad copy and all the meta data too.

Simply open the mockup template in Photoshop, edit your copy and design your own ad image, and that’s all. You’ve just created an ad image and written ad copy in record time.

Now just upload your image and copy+paste your copy into the Facebook ad editor and you’re ready to launch.

Price: $47

The Ultimate Mobile Buttons Pack

Explode your mobile conversion rates with these tap-inducing call to action buttons for mobile devices.

These are tap-inducing call to action buttons for mobile devices that will enhance your mobile conversion rates.

Most marketers use the same button for both desktop and mobiles, leaving the button worn out and hard to read, and consequently reducing their conversion rates.  

Introducing the biggest collection of mobile direct response buttons to increase landing page sales. An amazing pack of 50 conversion boosting mobile optimised buttons.

Simply hide your desktop buttons and make these optimised buttons display on mobiles to see an immediate increase in mobile conversion rates

Key features of the Mobile Button Pack includes 50 super modern, professional buttons that are engineered to boost sales and conversion rates across mobile devices, customisable Photoshop (PSD) files with which you can easily edit the buttons with your own copy and brand, comes also in .PNG format that allows you to plug the buttons straight into your funnels.

The license for this pack is of two types; the personal and commercial licenses. The former is to be used for your own personal projects only. For handling your clients projects, you’ll need to purchase a pack with a commercial license.

Here’s a quick preview of all the buttons you’ll get when you order the Ultimate Mobile Button Pack:

Price: $27

The Social Proof Bar Builder

Generate trust, credibility and authority with beautiful custom social proof bars.

Social proof bars are those thin bars that display the logos of important media, publications and websites that some prominent person or influencer has been featured in.

Ordinarily, creating these takes a lot of time and it could take hours just to create one simple bar.

However, with the Social Proof Bar Creator you can easily create professional authority bars in few minutes.

Simply open the template in Photoshop, drag the logos you need into the ‘bar area’, crop, save and upload the image into your funnels and websites.

Key Features:

Over 60 media logos to choose from.

Create social proof bars for both desktop and mobile devices.

Proven to build trust, credibility and authority resulting in higher conversions.

​3 templates included for dark bars, light bars and coloured bars.

​You will need Photoshop to use the templates.

Price: $7

The Guarantee Graphics Pack

Build instant trust and credibility with these absolutely stunning, professionally designed money back guarantee graphics.

This epic graphics pack contains over 30 beautiful guarantee badge icons you can insert into your sales and product pages to highlight your product’s guarantee and instill confidence and trust in your customers.

Each badge is 100% customisable in Photoshop, and you can change the text, colors, etc

Not only can these be used in your landing pages and websites, but they’re great for offline promotional use to in brochures and flyers too.

Key Features:

30+ guarantee badge graphics you can deploy right away to make your funnels look awesome and increase credibility.

​Includes PSD files so you can easily customise the size, colours and text of each graphic.

​Comes also in transparent .PNG graphics you can use to instantly place in your landing pages and other promotional materials.


Ultimate Supplement Mockups

If you sell vitamins, supplements, super foods or even juice blends then chances are you may not have professional imagery to display your products. Hiring a photographer to take photos of your product is time consuming and expensive.

Make your supplement products look beautiful with these beautiful supplement packaging templates. This pack comes with 10 supplement mockup templates of the most popular supplement packaging, each mockup is ultra HD and very easy to edit.

The 10 supplement mockup templates

Simply add your design in Photoshop to create stunning photorealistic mockups of your supplement products

With these 10 beautiful, photo-realistic supplement bottle mockups you can customise to your heart’s content in Photoshop and create a product image that represents what your supplement brand is all about.

Price: $97

The Ultimate Client-Closer

The Ultimate Client Closer is a services guide that you can customise and send to potential clients to easily close them when they inquire about your products or services.

The Ultimate Client-Closer will help you to convert warm leads into clients at astonishing rates.

The toolkit consists of a customisable services and pricing guide that’s designed to give your potential client an in-depth look into your services and how you can help them achieve their goals.

Simply edit the pages of your choice in InDesign, Photoshop or Canva, add your branding, compile them into a PDF and send them to anyone who inquires about your services.

By providing them with this PDF you’re making their decision to hire you much easier and increasing your chances of landing a new, paying client.

Also included in this package are three essential business templates; Invoice, estimate and design brief.

The Ultimate Client-Closer includes these pages; Cover page, Table of Contents, ​Introduction, Let’s Connect, Expectations, Are We a Good Match?, Meet the Team (4 Options), Packages (3 Options), Package Details, Package Add-Ons, Case Studies, Testimonials, Portfolio (4 Options), Process (2 Options), Project Timeline, What We Need From You, Next Steps  and FAQ.

Price: $47

The Ultimate Sales Webinar Toolkit

Running webinars can be hard work. On top of wrangling with webinar software, organising content, writing scripts, collaborating with partners and driving traffic to your webinar pages, you also need to design the webinar presentation.

Save hours of time and create beautiful sales webinars, masterclasses and VSLs that are designed to convert viewers into buyers. With the Ultimate Sales Webinar Toolkit you can mix, match and customise up to 60 beautifully designed webinar slides to create your webinar presentations in a flash.

Mix and match 60 customisable slide designs to create epic online webinars. This is provided in Canva, Photoshop & InDesign format.

Just pick the slides most suited to your webinar, edit the slides of your choice in InDesign, Photoshop or Canva, pop them into your presentation software and launch your presentation.

Price: $67

The Ultimate VSL Builder

Create beautiful, clean video salesletters (VSL) in a flash with the Ultimate VSL Builder

The Ultimate VSL Builder will help you engage VSL viewers, keep them on your page and encourage them to buy your products.

Simply edit the slides of your choice in InDesign, Photoshop or Canva, pop them into your presentation software and go live.

These slides are a breeze to edit and you’ll be launching your VSL in no time.

Price: $47

Ultimate Online Course Mockups

With these professional-grade mockups you can represent your digital info products, training programs, mastermind groups and events.

Use each mockup on it’s own or combine them for value-building full featured online course bundle shots.

Simply open the mockups in Photoshop, add your design, save and upload into your funnels and websites.

Key features:

  • 24 x individual mockup templates.
  • 10 x ready-to-go bundle mockups
  • Each mockup is 3000px X 3000px ensuring super high resolution images are produced from these mockups.
  • Each mockup is designed from the same POV ensuring they’ll mix and match perfectly.
  • A handy instruction booklet is also included to show you how to edit these mockups.

Price: $97


Registration as a member gives you lifetime access to the entire marketplace and conveniently place customizable design assets and clickFunnels templates that will forever foster the marketing creatives for your business.

The membership fee is a one-time payment of $347, and you’ll forever be given unlimited access to the entire library of uncountable templates & design assets.

Purchasing these ClickFunnels separately will collectively amount to about $3, 205.00. No recurring fees, just a one-time payment. Taking advantage of the membership plan will save you several thousands of dollars.

What You Enjoy With Membership to Funnels & Templates

Here’s everything you’re getting in your lifetime membership to Funnels & Templates.

  • 9 Epic ClickFunnels Templates
  • ​16 Design Assets & Graphic Packs
  • ​All Future Template Releases
  • ​Lifetime Updates and Upgrades
  • ​One-Time Payment
  • Unlimited access to a huge library of templates and design assets

Never will you need to hire another designer again.

Customer Support

If for any reason you need to contact the customer support service, you may submit a support request which will be promptly responded to within 48 hours.

The manuals provided with the templates and assets will adequately help you sort out any software-related issue. Although, you’ll likely not encounter any issues as the steps to using the softwares are simple and easy to follow.

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