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There a common misconception that football betting is not as profitable as horse racing and some other sports. The fact is that football betting could be extremely profitable if you bet right.

Everyone does seem to think they can offer football betting tips. However, whether you pay for your football tips or you get them for free, you also know that with 3 outcomes in a low scoring game like football, tipping almost becomes luck of the draw…. Or does it?

Fortunately, Football Winner provides you with rare and profitable football betting tips, in a straightforward manner you’ll find easy to follow whether you are adept at football betting or you have never bet on a match in your life. If you want to make high profits betting on who will win a match of football and make high profits there is no better method to follow. This service is a win bet service, and so all bets will be on teams to win. These will be either single win bets or double/treble win bets.

Fully tested since May 2018 and with a win rate of 57%, Football Winner will deliver you up to £5,620 a month. Get ready to back winner after winner, and rake in profit after profit.

Football Winner is the brainchild of Steve Hudson, a professional tipster who has been actively involved in betting for over 11 years.

Initially, he was operating his betting service under the name AccaTipster. AccaTipster was one of the biggest selling football services of the year and received over a hundred 5 star customer reviews.

AccaTipster was later upgraded to a new level, with special focus on win bets, and thus Football Winner was born. It was found on the premise that the real value of football betting lies in common bets and these are more lucrative than most other betting markets.

You can be sure Football Winner is on your side to deliver huge profits to your account, as what you will get is an honest tips service that puts its clients first and focuses on long term gain.

How Football Winner Works

As mentioned earlier on, football betting is too complicated and this only serves to make the bookies more cash rather than the punter. Betting blindly on modern types of football bets is making the bookie more money.  

On a typical Saturday of Premier League football, the bookies make a lot more money on Under/Over 2.5 goal bets on every game than it does on the 1X2 market.

In some cases, the bookie makes almost double the amount of money just because it’s an under/over bet rather than a win or draw bet says Football Winner.

The way the margins work is that whatever the result, the percentages are what the bookies take on average. So for every £100 bet on say a win or draw bet on Tottenham the bookie makes just £2, but if it’s a £100 under/over 2.5 goal bet the bookie rakes in £4.40.

Clearly, this shows that the bookies are the one who reaps all the profit when you bet on the wrong football betting market.

To tip the scale in favour of the punters, Football Winner works as follows;

  • Bets only on the most profitable markets. The 1X2 is the market that bookies make the least profit on, so it stands to reason that this is where punters are most likely to profit on.
  • Bets are, generally, on the Premier Leagues; EPL, Serie A, La Liga etc. They also bet on some international, tournament and lower leagues when opportunities are not available on the Premier leagues.
  • Only backs teams to win either as singles or in doubles or trebles, and this is extremely profitable. Football betting doesn’t have to be complicated, the simpler things are the easier it is to break even and make good money.
  • Delivers you the very best and most profitable football tips available daily.
  • Promotes discipline and objectivity in football betting. ​ It can be tempting to just have a bet for the sake of it, chase losses or bet on something you don’t really understand. Football Winner will teach you how to bet successfully.
  • Tips are sent out Friday mornings ahead of the week’s games. You will be duly informed if they have extra tips days.

This simple football win selection method has made over £22,000. No betting on markets that make only your bookie profits. Just bets on winners that give you an edge and put the odds in your favour.

Nonetheless, simply betting on 1X2 is not going to make you rich either. Although 1X2 is the best betting market to use for football bets, you may still be at the losing end if you’ve been making these common errors (as identified by Steve Hudson).

Common Betting Errors

  • Backi​ng the t​eam you support regardless of current form or odds
  • Backing a team just because you happen to be watching a game
  • Chasing your losing bet with in-play betting
  • Cashing out your bet before it has had the time to play out and win
  • Ignoring the odds and just going for an in-form team
  • Not analysing statistics and team news before betting
  • Betting at poor odds

If you want to avoid these errors and profit the easy way, let Football Winner do all the hard work for you with its brand new, tried and tested betting method. This method is popular with customers and is 5-star rated by an independent site,

Betting on soccer with Football Winner:

  • You can start with just £10 a point stakes and make £2300+ or start with £100 a point stakes and make £23,000+.
  • No more long losing runs, Football Winner has a verifiable 57% win rate on all its football tips.
  • You get great football tips, such as winning EPL tips. These tips make serious money, £23,000+ in profit to date.
  • You bet to win and at odds you’ll be the one making the profits and not your bookie.
  • You get great support and a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • You can bet from any country in the world as long as you can access Football Win bets at your bookmaker.

The Cost Of Football Winner

Subscribe with only £14.95 per month, and you will be able to have full access to all Football Winner tips. There are two subscription options to choose from, and you may cancel anytime you choose. If you wish to cancel just email the admin at and your membership will be stopped.

Also, you are fully protected by their 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are unhappy with the service you get on Football Winner in the first 60 days of purchase, just inform the admin and you’ll be refunded asap.

How To Start

Simply select any of the two plans below that is convenient for you.

Monthly Plan: This is the most popular plan and this gives you full monthly access to Football Winner tips. The price is £14.95 per month, and rebill is on a monthly basis. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

​Mega Deal: Best value plan that saves you 73% off the usual monthly price. This gives you full yearly access to Football Winner tips and it goes for £49.00 (instead of £179.40 £49) per annum, that is only £4.08 a Month.

In conclusion, we suggest betting at small stakes at first and then reinvesting profits so you are betting with the bookies cash. Betting isn’t risk free, and so it is wise to only bet what you can realistically afford to lose.

Will Football winner work for you?

We believe it’s absolutely possible if you follow the system to a tee. The moment you start placing your own bets, or now following it 100% is where you see people now winning.

Football winner also offers a 100% refund if you’re unhappy with the football tipping service.

They also have quite a few good reviews over on

 However, there are some negative and we can’t bee 100% sure on the good reviews if they are real.

As always, gambling is always a risk, and even professionals get it wrong and can go on bad runs. We highly recommend you do your homework and gamble within your means. If you feel like you have a problem there are plenty of gamblers helplines you should be reaching out to.



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