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The freelance world is evolving each day, with many new freelancers jumping into the wagon on a daily basis. With the advent of the internet decades ago, freelancing went from being a low-key source of income for few people to becoming a full-time career and predominant source of income for thousands of people world over.

Nowadays, various kinds of freelance services can be sourced for and obtained over the internet. Different categories of services offered by freelancers online include writing, translation, computer programming, graphic design, web design, video and film production, and many others.

Innovatively, many online platforms have sprung up to provide a marketplace for buyers and sellers of freelance services. These platforms make it easy for freelancers to sell their services and also for buyers to be able to access them.

One of the best performing and most outstanding online freelance platforms available is Fiverr. On the Fiverr marketplace, you’ll find hundreds of thousands of users buying and selling various services and mini jobs.


Founded in 2010, Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance professionals providing their talents, skills and abilities to buyers, for a fee. Buyers in this case may be marketers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners in need of the execution of their various digital projects.

Numerous freelancers are on the Fiverr offering a range of services and mini jobs such as web programming, logo design, writing, translation, social media marketing, virtual assistance, whiteboard animations, website design, content management, etc.

Functionally, Fiverr has a very effective algorithm/ rating system that evaluates and rates the performance of freelancers on its marketplace.  To rate your performance as a seller, the Fiverr algorithm measures parameters such as your buyer’s reviews, delivery time, response time, order completion, etc. Buyers utilize these ratings to sift through the wide number of freelancers and choose who to work with.

On the basis of excellent performance,  Fiverr handpicked 1% from the topmost of freelance experts in each category to form Fiverr Pro. Fiverr Pro is a conglomerate of freelancers with proven expertise and credibility in their fields.


Fiverr Pro is the premium and advanced version of Fiverr. It has many advanced and unique features which make it a very efficient platform for both buyers and sellers.

On Fiverr, business buyers are constantly on the lookout for highly professional services. Fiverr Pro was established to meet the demands of such professional buyers who are seeking for professional and high-quality services. Through this Pro version Fiverr offers high-quality, easy to find, verified professional sellers to prospective buyers.

Although Fiverr Pro is an offshoot of the regular Fiverr and shares many similar features with Fiverr, it is totally way above the league of the basic Fiverr marketplace. On the Fiverr Pro platform, you are guaranteed easy access to freelancers of the highest calibre.

Fiverr Pro was launched in October 2017, and only features the top 1% of sellers on the platform. Fiverr Pro freelancers go through a rigorous vetting process that verifies their credibility and expertise before being admitted into the Pro marketplace. Freelancers on this platform are expected to offer nothing but excellent service to clients.  

fiverr search

Meanwhile, Fiverr Pro operates on the regular Fiverr website but on separate pages, in order to make it easy for users to search for only pro-verified freelancers.

Users of the Pro version experience a VIP treatment where professional buyers collaborate with reputable expert freelancers to execute high-class business processes. Payments here are more safely and efficiently made, with the freelancers charging expert rates.

The ordering system on Fiverr Pro is very efficient, with professional freelancers providing high-quality services.

Currently, some of the categories of services available to entrepreneurs and business buyers on Fiverr Pro include; Graphic and Design, Digital Marketing, Programming and tech, Writing and translation, Music and Audio, Video and Animation, and more.

On their own part, freelancers on Fiverr Pro enjoy access to multiple new business channels, a sanitized marketplace where value is placed on quality and professionalism, and a great selection of credible work opportunities.


Applying for Fiverr Pro is open to everyone; professionals freelancers who are new to Fiverr, as well as long-time Fiverr sellers. However, you’ll need to undergo the vetting process regardless of how long you’ve been on Fiverr.

To qualify for a Fiverr Pro account, freelancers have to go undergo a thorough vetting process.

The Fiverr Pro Application Process

Any freelancer that wants to sell on Fiverr Pro has to first submit an application, which then goes through a vetting process with the in-house team.

Apart from your basic personal information, you’re also required to provide other information such as your level of higher education, outstanding projects you have completed, and your professional background.

Fill the application form carefully, and make sure to provide accurate and detailed information. Don’t be shy to blow your own horns. Highlight all necessary information about yourself, your business (or studio, where applicable).  If there are people under your employ, mention them and their various skills, and what roles they play in helping you accomplish your projects.

Endeavour to describe your creative process in detail. If you use specific software to create your work, share it in the application and provide the vetters with better insight into your workflow and what a buyer might expect when purchasing a Gig from you.

In addition, share links to various items in your portfolio for work done for both Fiverr and external clients. Showcase work from your most high-profile business customers and link to where the result can be seen live and in-use. The aim is to prove beyond all doubts that you’re a freelancer par excellence, and hence worthy of being a Pro seller.

Generally, the vetting process comprises 3 rounds; Technical vetting, Professional vetting round 1 and Professional vetting round 2.

In the professional vetting stages, two category managers at Fiverr will vet you and your business to ensure you have the level of professionalism, quality, and experience required. The exact requirements would vary depending on the Fiverr PRO category you’re applying to be part of.

The vetting team will evaluate your application form and notify you whether you were found eligible to open a Pro Gig. 

(The Fiverr Pro badge)

fiverr pro badge

If a seller meets the appropriate Fiverr Pro standards, they will be given the privilege to create a Pro Gig. The Pro Gig be labeled with a Pro badge which identifies it as being outstanding and of exceptional quality. The newly created Pro Gig will also pop up when buyers search exclusively for Pro Gigs.

Becoming a Pro seller does not require payment of any membership fee. However, Fiverr Pro orders still carry the standard Fiverr commission charged from all sellers on the Fiverr marketplace.

Meanwhile, a Pro seller can also offer both Pro and regular Gigs, and so you don’t have to worry about your existing Gigs as an old seller on Fiverr. However, you cannot convert or carry over your old Fiverr Gig to Fiverr Pro. You may choose to still offer your non-Pro Gig to buyers, but you just need to make sure that your offerings are differentiated to avoid confusing your buyers.

Benefits Of Becoming A Fiverr Pro Seller

As a Pro seller, Fiverr will help you take your talent to the next level by providing you with a highly professional environment, serious business buyers and elite peers. Fiverr Pro affords you a hassle-free freelance experience, and you’ll get paid easily and on time.

Furthermore, Fiverr’s dedicated Success Managers will assist you in maximizing the platform, and conflict resolutions between Buyers and Sellers are quickly sorted out without bias.

Fiverr Pro Customer Service

Fiverr Pro offers notable quality support to both sellers and buyers on its platform. Any issue encountered by Pro users is given topmost priority and questions they asked answered more promptly.  

Users can submit queries directly to Fiverr through a ticketing system or find the answers they need on the FAQs found on the support pages. The ticketing system is designed to handle all types of queries bothering on ordering issues, account issues, conflict resolutions and payments.

How Is Fiverr Pro different from Fiverr?

Basically, Fiverr Pro is like a premium version of the regular Fiverr, with advanced features and a great deal of professionalism.

Fiverr Pro brings to the forefront the best features from Fiverr and gave them a significant upgrade in terms of quality and professionalism. The Pro version is free of any shortcoming for which the basic Fiverr has been criticised. Issues of cheap labour, lack of standards and unprofessionalism among freelancers is totally absent.

How to Optimize your Fiverr Pro Profile and Portfolio

Fiverr Pro Apply

To optimize your Fiverr Pro profile, you need to strategically position even the tiniest of details. A single unclear sentence or a low-quality gig photo could be what makes a buyer choose another seller over you.

We bring you some valuable tips that will help you get started and get the most out of your Fiverr profile.

Gig Title: Make it your punchline, and so keep your gig title short, captivating and straight to the point. Use a descriptive adjective to lend weight to your title. Words like professional, unique, beautiful, killer, stellar, and engaging are a few examples you can try.

Gig Image: Providing a real image of yourself will foster trust in your buyers, and help with conversion. Use a good standard and quality image to make a positive statement, as poor quality images may lead potential buyers to think you offer a low quality gig.

Gig Video: Create a short video providing explanation on what your gig service is all about. A gig video helps significantly with conversions, and so make sure your video is customized to the specific service your gig provides.

Gig Description: Here you need to put your best foot forward, as this is where you sell yourself. Highlight your years of experience, achievements, education, etc. Convince the buyer on why your services are worth investing in, and why you’re the best man for the job.

Price & Packages: Majority of the buyers on Fiverr Pro are after value and are willing to pay for it, and not looking for cheap labour as is common on the basic Fiverr. The Pro level connotes a certain premium-ness to it, so price accordingly.

Add Gig Requirements: This gives your buyer an opportunity to provide you with more information that will help you to execute their project neatly, and fully satisfy the buyer.

Add FAQs: Make available a list of frequently asked questions and answers for your clients. This will help clarify things for your prospective customers, save you time and help sell your services more.

Fiverr Learn: Never stop learning. Take advantage of Fiverr Learn, a learning centre provided by Fiverr, and learn in-demand skills,  methods, processes and best practices from industry experts.

Fiverr Learn is an on-demand video course where you will not only learn valuable skills but earn Fiverr credentials that will give you more visibility in the Fiverr marketplace.


The advantages include;

  • You are guaranteed of getting top quality services from highly rated and reputable freelancers
  • You will get more attention from the customer support
  • The Fiverr Pro resolution center ensures that issues between buyers and sellers are resolved right away
  • The pro sellers have a badge indicating that they provide the best services, and this gives them an edge over non Pro sellers.
  • Wide range of highly professional freelancers to choose from.
  • User-friendly platform and access to a global market of professionals
  • Guaranteed high value and quality work


  • The services provided on Fiverr Pro are a bit more expensive than those provided on basic Fiverr
  • As a buyer, you may pay more for the same quality of services you can easily obtain on the regular Fiverr and at a cheaper price.


Absolutely, yes. Fiverr Pro is a very effective platform which provides the best environment for both professional business buyers and professional freelancers to work together.

With the right freelancer for your job, you’ll enjoy the best freelancing service ever on Fiverr Pro. It is advisable for buyers to go through the previous buyer’s reviews before purchasing a service from any freelancer.

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