The FIVERR APP And Why You Need It

Fiverr App

Fiverr App Overview

Fiverr is a service marketplace, a two-sided digital platform connecting thousands of buyers and sellers from all around the world, with the buyers seeking to have services provided for them and the sellers looking to sell their skills and services to the buyers.

Fiverr simply works as the middle man connecting the two parties. Whether you are a buyer in need of a particular service or a freelancer looking to sell your services for additional income, Fiverr is the platform for you. It is affordable and easy to use the marketplace and the Fiverr Mobile App makes it all easier.

The Fiverr App, launched sometime in 2013, allows you to stay flexible and successful at the same time while working on the Fiverr platform.

With its huge marketplace of active clients looking for freelance talent, you can’t afford to be left out of the game. You can create gig packages showcasing the services you offer, receive valuable orders from buyers, execute the work and deliver your order through the Fiverr mobile app. The Fiverr app allows you to run your freelance business successfully without any hindrance.

As aptly said by Fiverr, With the Fiverr App you won’t just be on the go, you do on the go. No matter your location or what you service you offer, with the mobile app you can always get connected and have your work going without interruption. This goes a long way to boost your success score on the platform.

Why you need the Fiverr App

Initially, when the Fiverr app was first launched it was much more favourable to buyers and made purchasing services on the site very easy, but the new updated version provides sellers with the opportunity to create, deliver and edit gigs on their mobile devices.

Note: Services offered on Fiverr are known as “Gigs”

Apart from the ability to create, deliver and edit gigs, sellers can also view cleared payments, pending payments and can also withdraw their earnings to their personal bank accounts. Below are some other reasons why getting the app is a good idea for both sellers and buyers.

Accessibility:  The Fiverr mobile app is a good alternative when you are not able to access your laptop. If you are on the road or in a place where using your laptop is not convenient or appropriate, you can easily log onto the website through the Fiverr app in your mobile device.

Prompt response to clients:  Having the Fiverr app on your phone gives you the opportunity to respond to clients promptly. Needless to say that good customer service goes a long way to boost your reviews and ratings on the platform, thus giving rise to repeated hiring and greater earnings. So you would want to download the Fiverr app on your mobile device and respond to potential job offers promote as this shows the client how interested you are in the offer and how committed you are to your Freelancing career.

Applying to gigs and offers on time: Most of the time, our mobile phones are not far from us, having the Fiverr app on your phone makes it easy for you to apply to gigs and offers on time, such that when you cannot access your laptop, you wouldn’t miss out on offers.

 Ease of Use: The app has a great design and an easy to use interface which adds more to the ease of selling or buying services on  Fiverr.

Searching for Gigs: Clients in need of services can search for gigs on different categories and make their choice of contractor quite easily on the app. You can search for categories and gigs using the magnifying glass at the top right corner of your screen. Note that there are also some pre-made categories on the site.

Prompt Delivery: You’ll get your purchase delivered right into the convenience of your mobile phone.

Convenience: You can easily track your progress and earnings, edit your gigs and change your work settings with the App.

There are tons of services offered on Fiverr. In fact, whatever you need, there’s a service for it on Fiverr.

Some categories of services on the Fiverr app include:

  • Digital marketing
  • SEO
  • Logo design
  • Copywriting
  • Programming services
  • Translations
  • Blog and article writing
  • Voiceovers
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Animations…..and a host of others

There are up to 200 categories on the app. This simply shows that you can virtually have any service you seek delivered to you on the Fiverr app. Getting these services done for you or rendering these services to clients has become easier and better with the aid of the mobile app.

Stay connected 24/7 on Fiverr’s platform with the Fiverr App and earn money from anywhere and at any time.


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