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COVID-19 was declared as a global pandemic by WHO on 30-01-2020. The world before us isn’t the same as we used to see it. The virus has caused the economic situation of the world upside down. Financial stability and economies of businesses have been threatened by the disruption of trade and supply chains throughout the world.

In order to tackle this pandemic businesses all around the world are taking certain measures to keep their business alive and help others get through this time.

Some measures are as follows:

Response Teams

Response teams are being made by the companies to respond to any pandemic activities made on a daily basis. The team comprises members from each sector of the company. Leader of the team gives a daily report to the CEO. The main task of this team is to develop and revise policies and give information to managers, employees regarding awareness, handling and controlling of COVID-19.

These teams are also responsible to keep the business activities inflow and manage the business ongoing affairs and future events. Business travels, education of employees regarding COVID-19, employees wellbeing, technological advancement and maintaining a clean and safe environment is part of their work.

Explaining Precautionary Measures to Employees

  At a time when social distancing is most important, guiding employees in order to restrict the spread of COVID-19 is crucial. Most businesses running around the world at this time are giving precautionary measures to their employees. All big companies have restricted employees to pre-screening, regular monitoring, wearing of masks and maintaining a clean environment at the workplace. If any employee falls sick during the day he is sent back home immediately.

Facebook, Google, Amazon, Oracle, Apple, Extreme Commerce etc all have restricted social visitors to visit physical offices. Public dealing times have also been reduced.


Most big companies have recommended their workers for not doing personally as well as professional travelling. They have allowed their workers to decline professional travelling invitations. These partial travel restrictions are known as ‘Soft bans’.

However in many companies ‘Hard Ban’ is implemented i.e workers are restricted to travel to China, South Korea, Iran, Italy and Hong Kong. However, most of the travel has been stopped completely due to this pandemic.

Employee’s Wellbeing

Companies these days are giving special attention to their employee’s well being and financial support. Employees are provided with their pay without any cut-off if they are asked to quarantine themselves at any time. Employees compensation and benefits policies have been revised. Mealtime in companies has been extended and employees are asked to have meals at alternate times so that crowds could be avoided.

E.g: Walmart has introduced a new policy in which workers who work on an hourly basis in hotels, restaurants, offices etc will get 2 months to pay if they are asked to quarantine themselves by the government.

Work From Home

Companies have been working on technological advancement. They are asking their employees to take their working laptops and work from home. Sessions have been arranged with the IT experts in order to make workers learn how to work from home.

E.g Twitter has allowed its employees that if they are in a role or situation which allows them to work from home or from a remote place they can avail this opportunity for the wellbeing of themselves as well as others.

Sanitization of Work Place

The Sanitization process has been boosted by companies. Anyone feeling sick at the workplace is immediately given off. If an employee is discovered with the virus his fellow employees are also given 15 days leave so as to quarantine themselves for safety. Along with that, the whole place is sanitized.

Offices, where public dealings take place, are cleaned every hour and the employees are provided with hand sanitizers, masks and gloves. People entering the offices are also sanitized with Dettol or other sanitizers.

Keep the Business in Flow

Under any circumstances, the generation of revenues shouldn’t be stopped. The pipeline must be kept moving and business must be prepared for faster recovery. At this time of uncertainty, when most businesses are stopped and people can’t buy their desired products, businessmen are investing in their products and other technologies to get a new climate for themselves. Businessmen are keeping their business inflow and investing in their brands in order to let people know about it and increase their sales.

E.g: A Chinese noodle and beverage manufacturing company, Master Kong, has shifted its business towards online sales and has invested in the advertisement which has resulted in the increase of sales as well as their ability to adapt the situation.

Online Deliveries:

Food restaurants have been one the most affected areas due to this outbreak because public gatherings are banned globally. To overcome this problem, restaurants have started home deliveries. People order from home through their smartphones and restaurants deliver the orders to their homes. Restaurants are not only delivering the food but they are also hiring employees to meet up their product demand.

Pizzahut, Domino’s and many other restaurants are hiring thousands of people to meet their customer demands.

E.g: Foodpanda is an online application which delivers food from the restaurants to your door-step.

Fighting At A Higher Level

All big companies and businesses have not only made policies for their company but they are also helping the world to fight against the disease. Social media websites, Restaurants, Companies etc all are playing their part to spread awareness for COVID-19.

  • Facebook, Google, Apple, Dettol, Lifebuoy, Walmart, Foodpanda etc all are giving precautions through ads on their respective domains. 
  • Volkswagen group in Germany has provided €40 million worth medical equipment to Doctors and Nurses working in the hospitals.
  • Google has developed a new feature ‘SOS Alert’ which pops out whenever something about pandemic is searched showing updated Stats and Information about COVID-19 in order to stop the spread of rumours across the internet.
  • Amazon has banned many products from the site which were ensuring the cure of COVID-19.


COVID-19 has affected human life significantly. At this time when businesses are suffering profits are decreasing day by day. Big companies are doing their best to keep their production inflow and survive the pandemic. This is an opportunity to invest in those sectors and products which will help people in their survival.

These were examples of top companies and brands. We should also learn from the big names and should implement these policies and measures to our business. It doesn’t matter how small your business is, all that matters is one’s dedication to keep it inflow and to grow it. After the end of this pandemic, these businesses will not only survive and will also strengthen their roots in the market in a more proficient way.

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