Betting Gods Review 2020 – Winning Tips?

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Interested in getting quality sports betting tips but discouraged by the exorbitant amount that many sports betting tipsters charge. Your period of worrying is finally over, as I introduce you to a system that would give you all the valuable tips you need. All at no cost at all. No, I’m not kidding you.

Betting Gods launched back in 2014,  with the aim to provide punters with a range of professional punters as well as betting tips for free. Presently, there are more than 120,00 members receiving authentic betting tips from the Betting Gods team.

Betting Gods Offer Free Betting Tips

Unfortunately, the betting industry is full of rubbish and scams, with many claiming what they cannot deliver. The Betting Gods team brings a breath of fresh air into the sports betting world, providing punters with reliable and vetted professional tipsters that can be trusted.

I know you’re already sceptical about the free tips, and many questions are ticking off your head. Can you really get something for nothing? If it’s free that means it’s crappy already and of no use. Well, the truth is this: Betting Gods provide free tips to showcase their professional tipsters. Call it their own way of advertising and drawing the punters’ attention to their expert tipsters. And yes, you guessed right. If their free sports betting tips aren’t of great quality, no one will take the pro tipsters they are trying to showcase seriously. Therefore, Betting Gods provide top-notch betting tips, albeit free of charge, and also help connect you to tested and trusted professional tipsters.

Betting Gods have pro tipsters who cover a range of sports. Although the majority focus is on horse racing but there are other tipsters who cover football, ice hockey, cricket, basketball, greyhound racing.

Fortunately, Betting Gods doesn’t showcase just about any tipster that indicates interest in her network. Each and every tipster on the Betting Gods network first goes through a rigorous vetting and verification process. Only the best of the best pro tipsters make it to the network.

In all honesty, the network can’t outrightly guarantee you unlimited wealth. What the Betting God tipsters do is to provide well-researched and proven tips that will improve your chances of winning.

How To Get Started With Betting Gods

Getting started is as easy as ABC. Simply visit the website on  Have a click around, browse through the selection of professional tipsters and see who tickles your fancy. There’s guaranteed to be a tipster that’s right for your betting needs and covers your sports of choice.

Membership is free, just as the frequent daily betting tips are. After joining, on a daily basis you’ll be receiving one free horse racing tip and one free football tip from expert tipsters, directly into your inbox. The free tips you’ll receive are the same tips the expert tipsters do send to their members.

Usually, Betting Gods sends out the free tips just after 9.00 am UK time, Monday to Friday, all year round. This in Australian time is 6pm, so not a bad time to be receiving the tips while you’ve knocked off work and have the feet up on the couch. There are a few days in the year when you won’t receive tips, Christmas Day for example.

You can also access the Betting Gods network on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, or download the Betting Gods iOS App or the Android App.


There are plenty of positive online reviews for Betting Gods. This is hardly a surprise when you consider how many people have tried this site given it’s one of the most popular and has been for quite a long time.

Of course, not all of the reviews are going to be positive when there are so many of them. And there is still a lot of conjecture around these review sites, are they paid, made internally, etc. But with so many, we can assume it’s a pretty positive story. If you look for a Betting Gods review you will find plenty that is enthusiastic about their tips and customer service. You will also find Betting Gods review on Trust Pilot.

Trust Pilot:

Jenifer Henry

1 review

5 stars: Excellent

Apr 11, 2020

A good mix of tipster services

A good mix of tipster services. My first was Quentin Franks and I have used his tips for two years. I also follow Vision Racing and NHL Tipster. All top class.

Mal Wilson

1 review

5 stars: Excellent

Jan 7, 2020

Top draw stuff

Great tipping across a good selection of sporting events. Results are transparent and documented, the customer service is very good. The tipster subscription deals can be a steal. Brilliant stuff from Keep it up guys!

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