Answer The Public Review 2020

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Answer the public review 2020

Currently, the world population is about 7.8 billion and the population of internet users is estimated to be about 4.57 billion people. The desire of every website owner, be it a website for a business conglomerate or a comedy blog, is to draw as much visitors as possible to their website. Generally, people would want to click on a site that answers the questions they have in mind. And here lies the dilemma of many website owners, how to get into people’s mind and align their topics with what potential visitors to their website would like to know.

A common pitfall and mistake website owners make is to assume that they can accurately predict what their visitors or followers would like to read about, that’s like searching for a needle in a haystack.

By the time you are tossing the second sheet of paper into the waste bin, you would have realized that coming up relevant long-tailed keywords that will go with the subject matter you have in mind for your article is not an easy feat. Making assumptions could be erroneous and can make a total mess of your content marketing strategy.

There are several keyword research tools available online that could help you with selecting the right keywords but the challenge is that many of these tools require a certain level of technical expertise for you to be able to use them successfully and also they cost some amount of money. And this is where AnswerThePublic comes in to save the day. You can easily surmount these challenges by simply making use of AnswerThePublic keyword research tool.

What is Answer The Public?

AnswerThePublic is a keyword research tool that operates by collecting search engine data relating to queries people use to search for information concerning a specific subject matter, on Google and Bing. It presents the extracted results in a categorised keyword cloud.

AnswerThePublic was developed by Gary Preston, the founder of CoverageBook, a PR coverage report generator app. AnswerThePublic visualises search queries and autosuggestions in an image referred to as a search cloud. It is sort of an automated autocomplete generation tool.

The AnswerThePublic keyword research tool is your perfect tool for generating long-tailed keywords that contain similar words to what people use in their searches. Although, the free version of AnswerThePublic will not provide you with stats such as search volumes or keyword difficulty as an advanced keyword research tool would, it still remains an indispensable keyword tool that will give you tons and tons of long-tailed keywords that you can utilize to create your contents and increase your website visibility on Google search.  

The tool is a genuine lifeline, that will come in very handy when your mind is blank and you are bereft of topics to write on. All you have to do is to type in a general keyword and AnswerThePublic will speedily present you with hundreds of topics in less than 30 seconds.

How To Use AnswerThePublic

When you enter a keyword in AnswerThePublic, the tool will return several long-tailed keywords immediately, and these results will be presented in 4 different formats; questions, prepositions, comparisons and alphabetical formats.

Steps to Using AnswerThePublic Tool

  • Then press the Search button
  • Your results will be listed instantly on the screen.

Question Format

The results are presented as question-based keywords. Nine question modifiers are prefixed to the beginning of the key phrase followed by the Google search suggestion keywords.

The question modifiers are; Which, Who, What, When, Why, How, Are, Where, Can, Will.

For instance, I ran a search on the topic ‘the answers’ (I know, how vain). Here is the result visualisation under the question format.

Answer the public questions
Answer the public questions

Preposition Format

Here the keywords are preposition-based, and prepositions are prefixed to the beginning of the key phrase followed by the Google search suggestion keywords.

The prepositions used are For, Without, With, To, Near, Is, Can

For my search on ‘the answers’, the results under prepositions were presented thus;

Answer the public questions
Answer the public questions

Comparison Format

The keyword is compared with similar or related keywords. The keywords in the search results are comparison-based, with modifiers prefixed to the beginning of the key phrase followed by the Google search suggestion keywords.

The modifiers used are: And, Like, Or, Vs, Versus

For my search on ‘the answers’, here is the results under comparison;

Answer the public questions
Answer the public questions

Alphabetical Format

Here the results are arranged and presented alphabetically, from a-z.

Answer the public alphabetically
Answer the public alphabetically

Usually, the results are presented on the visualisation board in a wheel-like manner with the suggested keywords partitioned into categories, and the keywords in each category fanning out. Sorting through the suggested keywords can be pretty cumbersome but you can make things easier by clicking the Data tab on top of the keyword results (beside the Visualisation bar). The keywords will be rearranged to appear in a tabular form, with each category listed separately.

Answer the public visualisation
Answer the public visualisation

At the top of each category you have the Image and Hide buttons. You can click on the Hide button to hide any category and make the list easier on the eyes. Also, clicking on Image will return the category to the visual format.

AnswerThePublic permits you to save your search results in a spreadsheet either by clicking on the Download CSV button on the top right corner of the page, or clicking on Save Image to keep the keywords in their visual form.

How to Use AnswerThePublic to Generate More Traffic:

Strategising your content to answer the likely questions people are bound to ask concerning a particular subject matter is a great way of generating more traffic to your website. AnswerThePublic is a perfect tool for generating long-tailed keywords that contains words similar to what your readers/viewers or customers use in their searches, and therefore tailoring and creating your contents with topics generated by the AnswerThePublic tool will position your website in a strategic place for SERP.

A useful tip is to decide and choose the topics that are most relevant and build your contents on them. That AnswerThePublic suggested the topic doesn’t automatically make the topic superb for content creation. You need to go through the topics, decide on and select the ones most useful to your website. AnswerThePublic has gone a step ahead to ensure that you choose the most relevant topics. The darker the green dots (bullet point) on a topic, the more popular the topic is. The shade of the green dots fade with decreasing popularity of the topics.

Google featured snippet refers to the previews of information, presented as excerpts, gathered from websites that ideally present a direct answer to the question a Google user typed into the search field. When a blog provides good information on the question asked by people on search engine it increases the chances of its appearance as a featured snippet on the top of a Google result page.

To make your contents appear on  Google snippets, identify questions related to your keywords using the AnswerThePublic keyword research tool and choose a popular relevant question to create your contents around.

How to Use AnswerThePublic to Appear in Voice Search Results

Generally, voice queries tend to be longer compared to text searches on Google. A voice search is commonly made in a natural and conversational tone, and so results generated for a voice search and a text search differ considerably.

Voice queries, oftentimes, are more detailed and specific, and hence are long-tailed. AnswerThePublic specifically generate long-tailed keywords and so using the tool to get topics will rank your contents higher on voice search results.

AnswerThePublic Pro

The AnswerThePublic keyword research tool has a free version that permits you to carry out only 3 searches in a day but will not make the keyword stats available to you nor permit you set a different language or location.

To enjoy the full benefits of AnswerThePublic you need to upgrade to AnswerThePublic Pro. It will give you  some privilege such as access to unlimited searches, permission to customize your language and location, allow you invite unlimited number of your team members and give you priority to customer support. The Pro version also allows you to compare data and track suggestions. You can monitor the shifts in search behaviors, trends in brand perceptions, seasonal trends and emerging topics.

The AnswerThePublic Pro is a paid plan and requires you to sign in before you can access it. It is the most suitable plan for advanced keyword research strategy.


The AnswerThePublic keyword research tool can prove to be an indispensable tool and a great help in your content marketing strategy. It is easily accessible, will help you to carry out free and reliable keyword research, save you time and provide you with accurate information on the subject matter you intend writing on, all at the snap of your fingers.

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