8 Week Custom Keto Diet -Review 2020

The eight-week Custom Keto Diet meal plan is intricately formulated by the best nutritionists, expert fitness trainers, and top chefs to help you shed fat

8 week keto diet

All around the globe, obesity remains one of the most prevalent and major health hazards, cutting across all gender, age and class. Despite continuous advances in the medical world, obesity still contributes as high as 2.8 million adult mortality per year. Obesity-related chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, liver failure, often stem from poor dietary habits and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Diet regimens, when appropriately tailored, can help to a large extent in weight reduction and management of obesity. One diet regimen that has proven very effective for rapid weight loss and fat reduction is the  Ketogenic diet, popularly known as the Keto diet.

The term “ketogenic diet” was coined by Russel Wilder, who first used the ketogenic diet to treat epilepsy in 1921.

What was then widely adopted and used in the medical world as a therapeutic diet for pediatric epilepsy has evolved over the years to become, in recent times, an effective rapid weight loss formula.

Developed by a team of experts with proven experience in the field, and pioneered by Rachel Roberts, Custom Keto Diet is a customized, 8-week diet plan based on the keto diet principles. Custom Keto Diet is a science-based, customised “Done For You” ketogenic diet plan, which is particularly tailored to specifically suit each user’s requirements.

With Custom Keto you will enjoy a meal plan that is totally personalised to give you absolute control over your health and figure. Keto dieting doesn’t have to be boring meals, and through eating delicious foods in each meal, the Custom Keto Diet will help you lose fat and improve your overall health.

What You Get in the 8 Week Custom Keto Diet

The eight-week Custom Keto Diet meal plan is intricately formulated by the best nutritionists, expert fitness trainers, and top chefs to help you shed fat in a safe manner while treating your taste buds to tasty and exquisite dishes.

The meal plan is customized and narrowed down to exactly what your body needs.

The general conception that dieting means bland and tasteless meals does not apply to the Custom Keto Diet, as the meal plan consists of mouthwatering, delicious and easy to prepare recipes that are based on your own food preferences. No, No, you won’t be stuck on a particular dish, the meal plans are designed to provide a wide variety of different nutritious foods you can make your choice from.

What the eight-week Custom Keto Diet proposes:

  • Your insulin level will be lowered, and this will not only benefit your health but also significantly boosts fat burning. Insulin is the enemy of fat loss and elevated levels of this hormone hinder fat burning.
  • You’ll get a very simple and easy to follow a keto diet meal plan that will assist you in losing fat while being able to eat tasty, high-fat foods like bacon, eggs, cheese, and steak.
  • The keto diet is simple and convenient, very easy to follow, and thus you can comfortably adhere to the plan.
  • With the Custom keto diet, you won’t feel hungry at all. That’s why this keto dieting plan is excellent for losing fat and keeping it off. Most other diets fail because they project going hungry as the solution to weight loss. However, when hunger defeats your will power and you can’t take the cravings anymore,  you end up bingeing on food, regain all the weight lost previously and add some extra weight on top.
  • You do not have to work out to lose fat on the Custom keto diet. Do you doubt it? Okay, I’ll tell you why. After about one week of following a keto diet, your energy levels will spike up incredibly, and you will become more active and motivated to exercise. The newfound activeness will further enhance the fat loss that is already taking place in your body.
  • You will live healthier and happier than before. The keto diet is not just a fat loss diet, but also a healthy diet. Various studies show that keto diet can reduce your risk of developing heart diseases. Ketogenic diet elevates the levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), the good cholesterol, and also decrease triglycerides levels in the blood.
  • It will sharpen and boost your mental health. The diet could also reduce depression; act therapeutically against various neurological conditions; prevent, manage, and even reverse type 2 diabetes; and could prevent and fight certain types of cancer.
  • Right after you begin your customized keto meal plan, you’ll start to lose fat automatically. In fact, since you won’t be staying hungry while following this diet, you would probably forget you were on a diet but for the weight that just keeps dropping off.

How Does it Work?

Custom keto meal plans are drawn up by knowledgeable nutritionists, experienced personal trainers, and top chefs, and are effective, convenient, cost-effective, and enjoyable.

This revolutionary dieting strategy stands on the premise that getting into fantastic shape shouldn’t be as cruel and stringent as many nutrition and fitness “gurus” tout it to be.

The developers of this customised keto diet believe that you can achieve your weight goals by avoiding some common catastrophic diet mistakes that do sabotage your health and stall fat loss.

The Custom Keto Diet is drawn upon the following premises:

1. To lose fat your body must be in a calorie deficit. Losing weight and keeping it off goes beyond controlling the types of food you eat. If you want to lower the number on your bathroom scale, the most important thing you must do is enter a calorific deficit.

Simply put, consuming more calories than you burn will make you gain weight, whereas by consuming fewer calories than you burn, you’ll lose weight.

2. You should eat according to a calorie target fine-tuned for your body, your situation, and your goals.

Don’t follow a one-cap-fits-all, severe calorie restriction dieting. Your system will be weakened and sluggish leaving you with the metabolism of a 90-year-old lady.

As a result of which your body’s metabolism will plummet to prevent you from losing weight. This means that as soon as you come off your diet, your body will store up and hold tight to as much fat as it can to prepare itself for the next starvation.

This is why it’s important to eat according to a calorie target fine-tuned for your body, your situation, and your goals.

3. Optimizing your macros is crucial for healthy living and safe weight loss. Monitoring your calorie intake is vital in weight loss and maintenance, but what is just as crucial is your macro intake. In other words, your consumption of protein, carbs, and fat is very important, because how you set up your macros has a profound effect on how your body will respond to the meals you eat. If your diet consists of too many carbs, it’ll be nearly impossible for you to lose fat even if you maintain a calorie deficit.

4. In addition, while every other dieting plan erroneously makes you strive for weight loss, the Custom keto diet places more importance on fat loss. And this is because losing weight doesn’t necessarily improve health and appearance, but losing fat does.

5. The formulators of this customised keto diet understand that dieting is hard work. Enforcing all kinds of unnecessary restrictions further makes it a Herculean task, and more frustrating. This keto diet is easy to adhere to, as the meal plan is flexible and full of mouthwatering and tasty dishes.

Following an unrealistic, overly restrictive diet is counter-productive. Such diets will deplete your willpower, increase your food cravings, and eventually cause you to binge on food.

6. Your custom Keto Meal Plan is customized to perfectly suit your body, your situation, your goals, and your taste buds. It is tailored, designed and packaged to your preference, from start to finish.

It helps you take all the guesswork out of your diet and gives you a guaranteed-to-work dieting plan.


Having a personalized nutrition plan created just for you is very expensive and unaffordable to many. Here comes the Custom Keto Meal Plan to the rescue! For less than 5% of what you would pay to get a customized meal plan, your incredibly effective customized keto meal plan will be delivered to you on a platter of gold..

If you go to a nutritionist, you’ll pay around $100 for your initial meeting and an average of $400 per month for modifications and check-ins. So, for an 8-week nutrition plan, expect to pay around $900. All this for a meal plan with no guaranteed positive outcome.

Rachel Roberts and her team offer their tested and trusted meal plan service for, wait for it… just $37. Amazing! Having experienced what it feels like to be frustrated through and through costly dieting plans that never worked, her goal is to help people transform their health and figure without going through the unnecessary struggles that often come with it.

She will tailor your entire meal plan to your own unique situation, needs, goals, and dietary preferences to ensure you experience optimal progress and follow a diet you enjoy.

Your days of suffering on expensive, ineffective and overly-restrictive diets are finally over. It’s time to start working based on a method that’s best for you.

How the Process Works:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Custom Keto Diet Plan at https://www.customketodiet.com/read#. Click on the link provided and you will see a few questions to answer about your current situation, food preferences, and goals. Answer the questions as accurately and honestly as possible, the information garnered from this questionnaire will help create the best meal plan to suit your needs. Correctly input your valid email address so you can receive your meal plan.

Please note that you can purchase the customised meal plan from the product website only.

Step 2: Once you’ve completed the survey, your custom meal plan will be created for you. Enter your payment details to get instant access to your custom-made keto meal plan.

What’s in the Custom Keto Meal Plan?

  • An 8-week plan dieting that is arranged by relevant experienced professionals.
  • A wide variety of food options to make your choice from.
  • Alternate options to help you further customize each of the meals.
  • A fat loss plan that meets your body’s macros and calorie requirements.
  • A step by step instruction file on how to follow Custom Keto Diet recipes.
  • A downloadable grocery list that makes shopping for ingredients easy


The offer comes with a rare opportunity to try your customized keto meal plan and if you’re not fully satisfied, you can claim a 100% refund of your money.

Does Keto Work?

Simple answer. Yes, it works. Ordinarily, a ketogenic diet primarily consists of high-fats, moderate-proteins, and very-low-carbohydrates. The dietary macronutrients are divided into approximately 55% fat, 35% protein and 10% carbohydrates.

However, this particular keto diet has tweaked the percentages of the macros to ensure adequate fat loss and optimized weight loss.

Glucose is the end product of carbohydrates in the body. When carb intake is reduced, glucose availability in the body drops. The low level of glucose is not able to keep up with the needs of the body and a process called ketogenesis sets in. Ketogenesis produces an alternate source of energy in the form of ketone bodies, which then replace glucose as a primary source of energy.

During ketogenesis insulin secretion is also low, and this signals to the body that there is no need for it to store fat and glucose. This, inadvertently, leads to fat loss, which in turn translates to the shedding of weight.

Summarily, carbohydrates are the primary source of energy production in body tissues. When the body is deprived of carbohydrates due to reduced intake of carbs, insulin secretion is significantly reduced and the body enters a catabolic state.

Keto diet is also safe because ketone bodies accumulated in the body as a ketogenic diet is sustained are easily utilized by the body. This metabolic state is referred to as “nutritional ketosis”, and is considered quite safe.

Thus, keto diets when well planned promote fat loss and improve overall wellness.

 What We Think

Our verdict is that the Custom Keto Diet has all the capacity to do exactly what the formulators claim it could, as long as you adhere to the plan.

The incredible guarantee that comes with the offer speaks volumes about the confidence the team has about the effectiveness of the diet. In Rachel’s own words, “….. Besides this low price, I also back you with a robust and straightforward 100% satisfaction guarantee that works like this.. Try Your Custom Meal Plan Risk-Free and Judge for Yourself. If You’re Not Satisfied, You’ll Get All Your Money Back.”

This is the real deal, guys. You cannot stick out your neck that far unless you’re 101% certain that what you’re selling will work. That is some assurance.

A well-formulated ketogenic diet like the Custom Keto Diet is well worth giving a try.

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